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Non-professional film is a film made and assigned for non-commercial purposes. The length or the duration of the film is indifferent

The non-professional film could be composed by professional cast and production, it could be sponsored, but the ultimate purpose must not be profit, i.e. there isn’t any returning of the funds for the film by its distribution.

Therefore, the non-professional film has no need of producer. The film has production which is non-professional, and it produces films of this type.

The non-professional film is a film made for art, enthusiasm etc.








Both terms are with similar meaning. Non-professionalism results from amateurism.

The term “amateur” was used in the past to indicate the films which weren’t produced professionally, and were often referred to film ignorance, unletterence.

But, eventually, the line between  professional and amateur film has become very thin, and very often the difference is only in the earning, i.e. the profit that the professional film makes, and the quality of production.

The term “amateur”, because of its character, is rarely used.

“Non-professional” is more suitable term, and includes every film that doesn’t make profit and is made for art, enthusiasm, true film love etc.

Still, you won’t make a mistake if you use “amateur”.

The term “alternative” is also suitable for expressing the right character of this type of films.

In short, you can use any of the three terms, although “non-professional” and “alternative” are the most suitable.










UNICA is world association for non-professional film, whose main purpose is spreading the film culture and non-professional film throughout the world.

UNICA is composed of many member countries, which pay annual registration fee.

Macedonia is a member of UNICA from 1996.

UNICA organizes film festival every year. On this festival every member country presents its own national film selection (chosen films which are considered as best in the country in the current year). This festival has a high reputation for non-professional film.

The number of member states is not constant and definite. Some countries disclaim, and new join the association.

Macedonia is represented by the Cinema Association of Macedonia.










The cinema club is an organization which offers film education for young people and learns them how to make films. Almost every cinema club has its own location, a place where members of the club and other people debate and talk about film. In every cinema club, there are often seminars and film courses, but unfortunately because of the present situation in our cinematography, this things are not functioning.

Every person who is interested in film can be member of such club.

In Macedonia, there are more clubs of this kind, almost in every larger town.










The Cinema Association of Macedonia is an association composed of all the clubs in the country.

The Cinema Association organizes the State Festival of Non-professional Film every year.

It also organizes film schools, film workshops, lectures etc., thus spreading the film culture.

This association is also a co-organizer of other film festivals in the country, and it supports the development of the cinema clubs.











This festival has a long tradition. Participation on this festival may take any author with non-professional film in Macedonia. It means that the author doesn’t have to be a member of cinema club. The propositions of participation are: the film has to be non-professional, technically correct and with suitable time-length.

The festival is organized in different town every year. Almost every year it's organized in April. By selecting films from this festival, the Cinema Association completes the national program of films which will participate on UNICA.

Authors participate on this festival through the Cinema Association of Macedonia.










You can become a member of a club without any problems. You can turn to one of the Cinema Clubs or the Association for Technical Support in your town, or directly in the Cinema Association of Macedonia in Skopje.

You can be a member of ACC through our web-site, or through contact with some of our members. All you have to do is to send your data and work with us in all activities of the club.








WHY ACC-SKOPJE, ACC from Skopje or ACC Skopje, Macedonia?



There are several Academic Cinema Clubs in the cities in former Yugoslavia.

A couple of them are with the same name. Almost every film club that is under the authority of the University it was founded by, uses the term “Academic”.

When you meet “Academic Cinema Club”, it doesn't have to refer to our cinema club.

Therefore, we use “ACC-Skopje”, which automatically refers to us and differs us from the other Academic Cinema Clubs.

Also, there’s another mistake, when you meet: academic cinema club “Skopje”.

This is completely wrong, because “Skopje” is not the name of our club and “academic cinema club” is not just description of the activities we do and the character of the institution behind us.

The right name is: “Academic Cinema Club” – Skopje, Macedonia.











At this moment ACC has around 20 active members: few active members from the past generations, students on “Ss.Cyril and Methodius”, and a couple of high school students.

The age is not an issue of becoming an ACC member.

Although there aren’t enough conditions for work, still, our members succeed in completing their film projects.

The club is being damaged because there aren’t enough member meetings ( there are, but they are rare) and there isn’t any film course or seminar for education of new members (because of the film technique insufficiency).

But, we hope that we will change this condition very soon, at least in the matter of regular meetings and film debates.





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