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27-th September 2008, Skopje, Macedonia

On 3-th and 4-th October, in the Cinematheque of Macedonia, the 21 International Film Festival – OSFAF will take place.  The opening ceremony will start at 20.00h.

80 short feature, documentary and animation films entered the competition. The jury: Goran Trenchovski (Macedonia), Blagoje Lupa (Serbia) and Vlado Iliev (Bulgaria) will select the official programme and decide for the awards. This will be announced on 2-nd October 2008 on the festival web-site: www.osfaf.org.mk OSFAF is completely organised by the Academic Cinema Club from Skopje, and is supported by the Cinema Association of Macedonia and few other cultural institutions.

This year the festival is powered by the Film Fund of the Republic of Macedonia.



Official programme-37.NFNF(MK)


UNICA 2008-national selection (MK/UK)
















37-th National Festival of non-professional Film – Kicevo 2008

- info -



20-th April 2008, Kicevo, Macedonia


Traditionally, organiser of the National Festival of non-professional Film is the Cinema Association of Macedonia. For this edition, the organizer had the support from the Photo-Cinema Club “ART” – Kicevo, Association for Technical culture from Kicevo, and the Macedonian Association for Technical Culture. The festival was sponsored by the Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans, the Film Fond of Macedonia and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia.

Selection of 9 short films has been made by the Art Council of the Cinema Association of Macedonia for the UNICA 2008 festival, which will take place in Hammamet, Tunisia, from 28-th June to 6-th July. The selection can be downloaded here.

As for this year’s of the Macedonian National festival of non-professional Film, to our great delight, a lot of young authors took part in the competition. Also, although the core of the festival was traditionally composed from the cinema clubs from towns all over Macedonia, still, the presence of individual authors is evident. With this, the festival quality is increased and new, different meaning of the alternative film in Macedonia is being given.



37-th National Festival of non-professional Film – Kicevo 2008

- awards -



20-th April 2008, Kicevo, Macedonia


The GRAND PRIX award for best film on the 37-th National festival of non-professional film – Kicevo 2008, was given to Ljupco Petrovski from the Cinema Club “Milton Manaki” from Bitola, for his documentary “THE MEMORIES FROM THE PAST”.

The jury: Georgi Vasilevski – president, Ilindenka Petruseva – member, Vlatko Dzikoski – member, selected 23 out of 44 films for the official programme. As for the other awards, the first prize for in the category animation film was won by Ivan Ivanovski for “WET DREAM” from Skopje, while the best minute movie was “CONTACT” by Atanas Velkovski, also from Skopje. “LONELINESS” by Toni Kocev, from the Photo-Cinema Video club “CRNO I BELO” won the award for the best documentary fim. Awards for the film crew and authors were also given. Mitze Chapovski from the Academic Cinema Club won the award for best camera.  Atanas Velkovski was given the best directing award, while Ljupco Petrovski won best screenplay and best editing. The festival host, Photo-Cinema Club “ART” from Kicevo, won the award for largest number of films on the festival.



Kicevo 2008 - National Festival of non-professional movies


Kicevo 2008


22-nd March 2008, Skopje, Macedonia


The Cinema Association of Macedonia presents the 37-th edition of the National festival of Non-professional Film, which will take place in Kicevo, on April 17-18. Any author of non-professional film from Macedonia can participate.

Organisers of the festival are: Cinema Association of Macedonia, Photo cinema club “ART” – Kicevo, Association of Technical Culture of Macedonia and the Association for Technical Culture of Kicevo.

Rules for  participation and entry form can be downloaded here.



New OSFAF festival web-site



30-th June 2007, Skopje, Macedonia


The Academic Cinema Club proudly announces that new OSFAF festival web-site was made. We hope that now the festival will gain in quality and will be more representative and more sophisticated.

The address of the International Film Festival – OSFAF is: www.osfaf.org.mk

From now on, all information concerning the festival will be available on the new web-site.

This project was made by several members of ACC-Skopje, and archive materials from ACC and OSFAF festival were used.


GRAN PRIX award for the film “BLOOD”



28 April 2007 Kumanovo, Macedonia


The minute movie “BLOOD” by Petre Chapovski continues with the tradition of receiving awards on the film festivals. This time the film made to the top, by getting the GRAN PRIX award for best film on the 36-th National Festival of Non-professional Film that was held in Kumanovo on 27-28 April 2007. The jury: Goran Trenchovski – president, Ilindenka Petruseva – member, and Jovica Dimitrievski – member, from the complete 35 films, managed to compose quality official programme with 19 films, divided in two projections.

Petre Chapovski also won the first prize in the category feature film and the award for best directing, for the film “AS TIME GOES BY”.

Stefan Sidovski won the award for best screenplay for the film “IN CONTINUO”, while our new member of the club Jana Jovanovska won the third prize in the category feature film for her film “HERO”.

The Academic Cinema Club was given the award for the biggest film production on the festival.


36-th National Festival of non-professional film – Kumanovo 2007


2 April 2007  Skopje, Macedonia


The National festival of non-professional film will be held in Kumanovo, on 27-28 April 2007. Participation on this festival is allowed only to the Macedonian film authors.

The festival jury will make selection of films, which will participate on UNICA 2007 festival in Slovakia.

For more information about this festival please click the F.A.Q. link.

Rules for participation on the festival Kumanovo 2007 are available on the Macedonian version of our web-site.

The jury also makes a selection of films which will enter in the official programme and the films that will be awarded.



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